We help companies become circular and sustainable by guiding on operational, achievable and creative business strategies.

Leveraging experience in cofounding lifestyle urban mobility brands such as Super73 (2016), Nimble Scooters (2011) with first-hand experience with hardware, design and manufacturing, sustainability and brand partnerships, Husk & Stone acts as an extension of the executive team.

We love building tangible things that matter. Driven by purpose, talented and fast transformational change.
We stand for transparency and innovation and look to collaborate with motivated teams to produce efficient and avant-garde sustainable solutions.

Sustainability • Urban Mobility • Startups

A unique triple axis of expertise

Case study: Metos Energy

Metos Energy is a brokerage, research and consulting agency specialized in the renewable energy industry focusing on the development of raw material sourcing and supply chain for commodities such as non-woody biomass, biodiesel, sustainable aviation fuel, biogas, and lithium ion batteries.
Husk and Stone works with Metos to develop supplier data sheets and CO2 emission data for shipments, enabling clients to have all the data in hand for their sustainability leaders.

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