How we work

Based in Amsterdam, working mainly with European & US companies.

Advisory roles, conducting workshops.

Ideal for specific deliverables, market testing, audits, or project implementation & deliverables.

1 to 6 months long projects are ideal to work closely and have real impact. Great for testing a market, building up a role and working alongside executive team for key results.

As COO (Operations), CSO (Sustainability) /open to suggestions.
Different than a consultant or interim role, hiring a C-level / fractional leadership executive can be the perfect solution in a fast-growing business where operations and direction might still be in flux.

It has the added benefit of being more cost-effective, particularly for startups while delivering professional and experienced support. Fractional executive services enables access to an individual dedicated to solving specific problems at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee. Depending on what stage the startup is in, a full-time employee may not even be necessary yet, and a fractional executive can help define what that long term role may be.

A fractional executive works alongside your team, has a hand in company operations, and is responsible for their outcomes. They are quite literally an extension of your existing leadership team. For more established businesses, fractional executives can offer new insight and bring their experience in different fields to take your company to the next level and still have a stake in its success.

(Ideal) duration: minimum 6 months.

More about how fractional executives can benefit you here and here.

Urban mobility industry
Design studios
Consulting firms
Startup mentorship programs
Government bodies