Why work with us?

Think of us as an extension of your executive team, or a great way to set up and test a position or new department. Husk & Stone gives organizations a running start and the chance for changemakers to clear their vision. 

Here are a few benefits of working with a consulting partner like Husk & Stone.

Test before you buy

Work with a professional experienced in a multitude of domains to understand your long-term needs before hiring for a specific position.

Example: are you sure you need a Head of Sustainability? Or are your challenges more compliance-related? Who should that person or team report to?

Think outside the box

Increase your options by looking at things from a new perspective thanks to an objective and fresh view.

Example: is your problem about fixing things, or about designing a new process?

Declutter your table

Unable to visualize the roadmap clearly anymore? Let’s try some process design and mind-mapping techniques. In other words, “Marie Kondo” the clutter.