Work / Urban Mobility

Why urban mobility?
A first project idea in 2011 set the course of Husk and Stone’s journey into the path of urban mobility. From kick-scooters to bikes, tradeshows, manufacturing, and battery recycling, the challenges faced when trying to squeeze in an innovative product to an apparently saturated market in constant movement are what we are most familiar with.


electric & micro

How we help in the US and European markets:

  • Electric bike compliance
    WEEE, battery directives, EN15194
  • Market research
  • Distribution and sales strategies
  • Branding & marketing
  • Industry network connections
  • Participation in industry workgroups
  • Responsible parts & suppliers sourcing
  • Sustainable operations transformation
  • Design and user interface

Friends and shows we attend:

Super73 S1
Photo by Simon Puech

Topics we are learning about:

  • leasing and subscription models
  • battery modules